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Friday, 13 January 2012

Research states Amitabh Bachchan & Rawal Forefather was from Nepal

21st century is a century of inventions, discoveries & research. This time, we have done a great research which would put all the people in a greater confusion. The issue is that not only Udit Narayan Jha or Manisha Koirala have been popular in India, but it is found that many of the Indian personalities also have blood of a Nepali.
Amitabh Bachchan:-
Let’s start off with Bollywood’s living legend, Amitabh Bachchan. You may laugh when you hear Bachchan was a son of a Nepali. Research states that Bachchan family was a Nepali family from the Kali Gandaki region. According to Bhupi Sherchan’s unpublished book ‘Thakkholako Itihaas’, the Thakalis of lower Mustang used to trade from Mustang to Tibet, Tibet to Gorakhpur & Gorakhpur to Illahabaad since many centuries. Jou Bir Singh Bachchan, one of those five brothers, settled in Illahabaad. Amitabh Bachchan is the son of Haribans Rai Bachchan who is the son of Jou Bir Singh Bachchan.Kaanunke najar main to hum Hindustani hai lekin hamare nase nase me Mustang ke Sherchan, Gauchan, Bhattachan aur Tulachan kaa khun daud raha hai- Kyunki main hu Amitabh Bachchan’ Bachchan said in an interview with FMBH crew in Mumbai.

You may know that Amitabh Bachchan used to come for Mustang visit time to time. According to Cine magazine- Star Dust, 2005 January, Amitabh Bachchan wanted his film ‘Khuda Gawah’ to be filmed in his hometown Mustang; the director had to shoot the film in Mustang. Therefore many shots were done around Jomsom Bazaar.

Paresh Rawal
In Sanfe bugger of Achham district of Nepal, there is a big community of Rawals. Former Home Minister Bhim Rawal is also from the same place. His Grandfather Karna Singh Rawal left Sanfe a hundred years ago. Nobody found out about him. Five years ago, Bhim Rawal went to Delhi. He met a popular Bollywood actor during the visit. The actor’s accent seemed familiar to Bhim Rawal’s accent. So Rawal researched and found out that the actor’s ancestors came to India from somewhere in Nepal. So it was found that Paresh Rawal was the actor and the great grandson of Karna Singh Rawal. Bhim Rawal and Paresh Rawal now have relation of uncle and nephew and Bhim Rawal goes to visit his nephew timely. He says ‘I go to India for family visit but media says I go for flattering the Indian Government.
So, Nepalese people are not only limited up to Mechi to Mahakali but they are found all over the world. …… if we say like that then how much it hurts the Indian sovereignty, the same hurt is given to Nepali sovereignty when it was said that Gautam Buddha was born in India. Therefore awareness should be raised for the related matter.


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